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Desktop processors

Codename Desktop Name Socket Name Gen
SKL Sky Lake LGA 1151
LGA 2066
LGA 3647
KBL Kaby Lake LGA 1151
LGA 2066
CFL Coffe Lake LGA 1151 8
CFL Coffe Lake Refresh LGA 1151 9
CML Comet Lake LGA 1200 10
RKL Rocket Lake LGA 1200 11
ADL Alder Lake LGA 1700 12
RPL Raptor Lake LGA 1700 13


Embedded controller





ACM Authenticated Code Modules
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
AL After life UEFI boot phase
AMT Active Management Technology
APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
ARM Advanced RISC Machines
BDS Boot Device Selection UEFI boot phase
BFV Boot Firmware Volume UEFI
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
BKC Best Known Configuration
BMC Baseboard management controller
BTX Balanced Technology Extended Interface intel
CAR Cache-as-RAM
CBFS coreboot file system coreboot
CCT Intel® Clock Commander Tool found in BKC Intel® CSME kit
CPU Central processing unit
CSME Converged Security and Management Engine intel
DMI Direct Media Interface intel
DTS digital thermal sensors
DXE The Driver Execution Environment UEFI boot phase
EC Embedded controller
EOP End-of-POST Message
FDI Flexible Display Interface intel
FFS Firmware File System UEFI
FIT Intel® Flash Image Tool intel
FV firmware volume UEFI
GUID Globally Unique Identifier
HECI Host Embedded Controller Interface
HID Human interface device
HLK intel HLK Validation
HOB Hand-Off Block
HSIO High Speed Input/Output
IBB Initial Boot Block coreboot
ICH I/O Controller Hub
ILM Independent Loading Mechanism intel mb
IOC Intel Online Connect
IPC Instructions per cycle
IRQ Interrupt request
ITSS interrupt and timer subsystem
KOZ Keepout Zones intel mb
ME Intel Management Engine
MIPS Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipelined Stages
MMU Memory management unit
OPI On Package DMI interconnect Interface
PCH Platform Controller Hub
PCL Platform Component List intel
PCT Intel® Platform Configuration Tool
PD Power Delivery
PE Portable Executable file format
PECI Platform Environment Control Interface
PEI The Pre-EFI Initialization UEFI boot phase
PEIM Pre-EFI Initialization Module UEFI
PMC Power Management Controller intel
PV Production Version
RT runtime UEFI boot phase
SCH System Controller Hub
SEC Security phase
SKU Stock Keeping Unit common
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface common
TE Terse Executable UEFI file format is a stripped-down version of the PE format
TPM Trusted Platform Module
TSL Transient System Load UEFI boot phase
TXT Intel Trusted Execution Technology
UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
VIP Intel® Validation Internet Portal
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