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Technical Specifications

Main technical specifications
Form factor SODIMM 204 EDGE
CPU Texas Instruments Sitara ARM microprocessors: AM1808/AM1806/AM1802/AM1810
ARM frequencies: 300MHz - 356MHz
Texas Instruments C6000 DSP+ARM Processor: OMAP-L138/OMAP-L132
DSP+ARM frequencies: 200MHz - 456MHz
RAM DDR2-150MHz 64MB / 128MB / 256MB
FLASH NAND FLASH 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB
EEPROM I2C serial EEPROM 256byte, Unique ID
Power Management IC TPS65070
Interfaces USB Full-speed host, USB OTG
EMAC - RMII/MII interface
SATA - 1.5Gbps, 3.0Gbps
MMC/SD - 2 controllers
UART(SCI) - 3 channel
PWM - 2 channel
eCAP - 3 channel
I2C - 2 controllers
HPI - one 16-bit interface
uPP (universal parallel port)
McBSP - 2 channel
McASP - 1 channel
SPI - 2 controllers
Power supply voltage TBD
Power consumption TBD
Dimensions TBD

Block Diagram


Module block diagram



Module block diagram

PMIC notes

  • Charger/Power Path Management - Linear charger, Thermal regulation, Safety timers, Temperature Sense Input
  • wLED boost converter - Up to 2 x 10 Leds, up to 25ma per String
  • Touch Screen interface - I2C bus, 10-bit ADX
  • Undervoltage Lockout and Battery fault comparator
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